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I am a Christian author who writes books that are uplifting, honest, and real. You may know me from my first two novels: “Operation: Angel Of Mercy: A Military Fiction” and “Loving Sarah”. My Biblical fiction novels combine biblical truth with an adventurous plot line, written in a style that fully engages readers, and my Christian fiction novels are written true to life - some with more of an in-depth Christian theme than others.

It should be noted, however, that both my Christian based novels and my biblical fiction novels are created for a more young adult/adult audience due to the nature of some of the topics that are addressed.

And, I now also have stories available to read on Amazon's amazing platform, Kindle Vella. You can read more about Kindle Vella on my Kindle Vella Stories page.

Not only do I write such a wide variety of novels and Kindle Vella stories, I now have a growing selection of journal books available for purchase, as well as a blog about the wonderfully odd and unique things that cats do, and a literary blog called Reads to Reels, where I compare books to their movie adaptations.

My inspiration for the blog (Cat Antics) is the weird things that my own cats do. Each one has their own personality, just like us, and they have interests that other cats may or may not have. I want to celebrate those differences. I want to help others see their own cats on Cat Antics and share them with the world.

Though I do spend a lot of time with my characters, I do have a life of my own, and in my spare time I like to read a variety of book genres, watch many types of movies, spend time with friends and family (including my cat babies), and enjoy nature - through the window in the winter time.

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