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Harleah Agnes VI

Updated: Feb 7

Black long haired Ragdoll queen.
They call me Leah, but my full and correct name is Harleah Agnes VI. I am a stunningly gorgeous long haired black Ragdoll queen. That's my color and breed, not some derogatory statement. Anyway, I am 7 years old - which some might think is old, but it's not. I can live into my 20's if my staff continues to take such fabulous care of me. I was born and raised in the Netherlands - which is most likely the reason for my unbelievable good looks.
So, my first home lasted for four lovely years, but, alas and alack, my staff had to quit due to them being allergic to me. Can you even imagine such a thing?! Well, I can't. The nerve of some people to be allergic to my fabulous self. But, I digress, I had to move to a new home were the staff wasn't allergic.

It Looked Bigger From The Outside!

The staff in the new place were very nice to me and almost all of my needs were met. What I mean by almost all my needs is that the living quarters were quite small. When I first saw my new home from the outside, I was thrilled. It was huge! I could almost feel the wild adventures that I was going to have, but it was not the palace that I thought it was. I quickly found out that my new home was what's called an apartment. What I thought was my castle was in fact a grouping of tiny homes. However, I adjusted, and got along swimmingly for two wonderful years with the new staff, until one day it was decided (not by my illustrious self) that I was to move again.

Moving Day Again?

New home, new staff. I was dreading the change until the day arrived and I found myself confronted with my new environs. The outside was even smaller than the exterior of my last home, and I just knew that it was another downgrade. What was my life coming to? I heaved a shuddering sigh of resignation as my new staff carried me in. But, I was to be tremendously surprised. It wasn't an apartment. The entire place was one big home, and it was all mine!
I still live there to this day, and I love it! I'm not stuck inside all day because I am able to wander the grounds and feel the warm sun on my face, and get to lounge in the grass for as long as I desire. It's heavenly!

Personally Me.

Okay, so I've been told that I need to share some more intimate things about myself. Well, first of all, I have a beautiful multi-colored collar that I wear everywhere I go, and I love it. I know that some cats have bells on their collars, but not me. My collar is bell-less. I get to roam the garden without anyone being able to hear where I am. It's so unbelievably freeing!
Collars aside, my favorite season is Christmas because that's when my staff brings out THE BEST CAT TOY - EVER!!! They call it a Christmas Tree, and it's covered in twinkly lights and so many shiny balls and stuff that it makes my head spin. I adore playing with it. I wish they'd leave it out all year long.
Above all though, I can't help myself when it comes to human hands. Whenever one of my staff members' hands are close enough, I simply must lick it. I don't honestly know why I do it, but it gives me such pleasure when I'm able to. Maybe it's the taste or the texture, or maybe it's because they pet me when I lick their hands, and I do love pets. Whatever the reason, I just can not help myself. It is my obsession.

Thank you for joining me here on Cat Antics. I really did enjoy telling you all about myself - what queen doesn't? Oh, and I've just been informed that the next post belongs to another queen named Midnight. If you enjoyed reading about me, please like and subscribe. Again, thank you.

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