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My friends call me Butterscotch! But you can call me...Butterscotch.

Short haired ginger tabby tom cat
Yes, I said Butterscotch, and, no, I am not a queen. I am a handsome, shorthaired, ginger tom, and I just moved in with Jasmine. I have to admit to being terrified at first, but things are getting better everyday. I'm learning that she's not mean to me. In fact, she is winning me over with yummy food and snacks.
Okay, so, how did I become her newest roommate? Well, it pretty much happened like this; I was born feral (that's why the tip of my ear is missing) but became a housecat somewhere along the way. I've been through so much that I don't recall every detail.

The Cold Shoulder? Cold Everything!

Anyhoo, being inside didn't last forever and I soon found myself abandoned on the street and all alone. I tried to make it by myself, but it's super tough to find food for yourself in the winter. I was really cold and hungry, spending most of my days hiding in a compost bin, when I heard a voice. I didn't know the human, but I was desperate, so I cried out for help. That lady was very nice to me and gave me something to eat each day for about a week, but she couldn't let me in the house, so I crawled under the house to keep a bit warmer. Unbeknownst to me, she contacted Jasmine and told her all about me, asking for help.

You Did What?!

I had no idea that she had made that phone call, so it was a complete shock when she unceremoniously stuffed me into a cat carrier and delivered me to my new home. What was she doing? I didn't know the new humans or the other cats or the large dog that loomed over me, and the house smelled different. I hated it at first sight and knew for a fact that I would hate it forever. As soon as I was free, I ran as fast as I could for the best hiding spot that I could find. I thought for sure no one would ever find me as I crouched in the back of a closet behind some boxes, and they didn't see me for three whole days, then I was found out.

Is That For Me?

The light flipped on and I tried to make myself invisible behind the boxes, but she knew where I was, and in seconds my cover was stripped away and I was face to face with her. I didn't know what to think. She appeared okay, but I was still terrified, then she did the unexpected...she offered me chicken pate from a can. From a CAN! No one can resist that. It's impossible.
Now, not only did she give me the chicken pate that night, she came back and gave it to me every night for four or five days, then I moved to behind the couch but she found me there too. And, yup, you guessed it, she gave me more pate.

I've almost got this!

It's been a little over a week now and I finally ventured out on my own during the day. I decided that Jasmine isn't scary, neither is the dog. As for the other cats, well we'll see. I did learn today that when I come out on my own, I don't get chicken pate from a can, but that's okay because I got something better - chunks of rotisserie chicken right off the bone. That was awesome!
Ginger tabby tom cat on table eating

Now, I've already shown my new family one of my weird ways, and that is that I like to do as the Roman's did. I like to recline while eating. So, it's only fair that I show you as well. Some may say that I'm just being lazy, but I say that it only makes perfect sense to be comfortable while I eat. I mean, after all I've been through, don't I deserve to take it easy?
I'm sure that over time, as I become increasingly more comfortable, I will show many of my other oddities as well. For now, however, I am just taking it one day at a time. Thank you for being patient with me while I share about myself in this new home. If you like me, please click on the heart and subscribe so you won't miss any upcoming posts. I understand that Jasmine doesn't currently have a Catstar to feature for the next post, but I'm sure that will be rectified soon. Thank you again, and have a great rest of your day!

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