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Seeking Cricket!

Updated: Feb 7

black shot hair queen cat under blanket
Do you know the indignity of being nameless? No? Well, I do. You see, it took a long time for the humans to name me. When they did decide on a name, they came up with Cricket because I'm rather small, quite black, I like to bounce around, and I chitter-chirp.
But, that's not where my story begins So, lets back up to a year ago - long before the humans came into my life - when everything first began. Okay, well, maybe not from the first. More like from my first memory.

A Cold February Morning...

I suppose we all have a mother, someone who saw us first come into this world, someone who probably loved us and cared for us so that we would grow big and strong. But, I don't remember my mother very much. My memories of her are less of what she looked like and more of what I felt when I was with her in my earliest days. I have a vague memory of being crowded and pushed around by my siblings (I assume that's who they were) and an essence of a place that smelled of damp, musty earth. Of a place where I must have been born on a cold February morning.
Black kitten outside
Not actually Cricket
My earlies real memory is of a time after my mother and siblings were gone. I don't remember when I was left alone, not really, but I recall having to take care of my own needs. And, I was not prepared. I was far too young to fend for myself, but what could I do about it? Nothing!
Then, one day, the most terrifying thing in the world happened to me - terrifying then, wonderful now.
I was sitting in a pile of leaves, trying to groom myself, when a huge monster hurried up to me and grabbed me. I was so scared that all I could do was scream. But, no matter how much I cried out and struggled to be set free, the monster wouldn't let me go. Instead, I was stuffed into a box and whisked away to a place so foreign that all I could do was curl into a tiny ball and shake.
I later learned that the monster was a human, and it was that human's job to act in place of my missing mother. She taught me to eat cat food and use a litterbox. She also showed me what love is and I learned that being petted is wonderful. After I got done being scared, I liked her and wanted to be in her lap all the time. But, she wasn't meant to be my forever human, she was what's called a kitten foster. I only got to stay with her for a few short weeks, then I was on my way to...

The Pet Store...

I saw all kinds of other kittens from my cage in the pet store. Many who got homes before I did. You see, a lot of humans don't want black cats because they say we are unlucky, but we're not. Black cats like me just have black fur; we love, we play, and we snuggle like any other cat. I was lucky in the end though because I did get a home. I was playing in my cage one day when a human came in looking for a kitten to add to her family. She had recently gotten an older kitten and wanted to take home a friend for it. She chose me, and I soon learned that the other kitten's name is Ramen.

Meeting Ramen...

two short haired cats together on couch

So, this is me and Ramen. You may remember her from the previous post. Anyway, as soon as I met her, I just knew that we were meant to be sisters and best friends. I followed her everywhere (still do, I'm her shadow), and we would play and wrestle between naps. We still play now that we're a bit older, but we do other things together too.

Becoming Me!

two short haired queens in kitchen sink

When we're not napping or wrestling, Ramen is
teaching me things; like when she showed me the black thing in the sink, and how fun it is to play in the water, but that's more her thing than mine. The one thing that I like to do that's all mine because I made it up and do it a lot, is hiding. I love to hide where I'm least expected, and I just know that no one knows where I am, and they can't find me. Well, all except Ramen that is. She can always find me. But I bet you can't. Even if I'm just sleeping,
hiding is the best way to do it.
cats in blankets

cats in blankets

I like to burrow into just about anywhere, which makes it so our human can't do her crafts because I like to cuddle into her stuff and play with strings and such. I have to tell you though, what's fun also is waiting for the humans to open the fridge because then I try to catch the light that suddenly appears on the kitchen floor. It makes the humans laugh, but I'm determined to keep it for myself one of these days. See if I don't.
Now above all things that I've learned to love; I love Ramen and the humans the most. I enjoy cuddles, hugs, and kisses from the humans everyday. Those are our special moments together. And, when they're busy or not home, I spend my time sleeping with Ramen on the couch or, sitting beside her, looking out the window at everything going on outside.
two short haired queens looking out window together
I don't want to go outside. No, I am content to stay in where it's safe with my bestie.

So, I guess that's it for now. Thank you for reading my post. If you had fun getting to know me, please click the heart at the bottom of this page and subscribe so you won't miss any other cats' posts. I've been told that next up is the very first Tom to be featured on this blog. Please come back to learn all about Sam and his vocal abilities.

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