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The Mysterious Henri B.A. Cat

gray short haired tabby cat with tongue sticking out
My name is Henri, spelled with an i not a y as most people think. If I'm being totally honest though, it used to be spelled with a y, but when I entered the witness protection program, I changed it to an i.
Why was I in the witness protection program?
I can't tell you that, just like I can't tell you my real last name. Let's just say that I have a secret past that few know about. Even the humans at KitTea, the safe house where I was placed, don't know the whole story.

gray short haired tabby cat

Who is Henri B.A. Cat?

I was born into a rather normal family; even though my father left us before my siblings and I were born, and our mother had to raise us all on her own. She did a fairly good job considering how many mouths she had to feed, but milk and licks only go so far, and before we knew it, it was time for us to go out and make it on our own. I left her with only one backward glance and never saw her again.
Like I said, I can't talk about what happened between leaving home and being put in witness protection, but as you can see from my mugshot (the pic of me on the right) I've changed my look some.
Anyway, I was 6 months old when I entered KitTea and only stayed there for a short time before moving into my now undisclosed location. The staff here is top notch, so I can't complain. I mean, I'm taken care of and none of the cats from my former life know where to find me, and I plan to keep it that way. There is no way I'm going to put myself or my humans in that kind of danger ever again.

Hey! I'm busy here! Do you mind?

gray short haired cat using the toilet
I will mention that I almost gave myself away once by leaving my guard down. I was minding my own business, doing my business, when one of my human staff members walked in on me while I was on the toilet. As soon as the picture was taken, I knew that I'd be in big trouble if it ever went public, so I'm trusting you to keep this to yourself.
When you're in the business that I was in, which I can't tell you about, you learn many useful skills that could save your life some day. Teaching myself to use the toilet was one of those things. You see, if you don't leave your scent for someone else to pick up, they'll never know you were there. But, in this case, I was found out. That will not happen again. I stopped using the toilet after that, figuring that there was no need, and my secret was out anyway.
gray short haired tabby cat laying on checked box

Living The Life...

It's been eight years now, with no threats of any kind, and I know without a doubt that my identity is safe and secure - as long as you remain my friends and done give me up.
So, I'm safe, like I said, and I mainly spend my days lounging around the house and getting cuddles from my human staff. I have everything I could ever want; good food, safe napping spots, and lots of unconditional love. No one cares about my past, or the fact that I can't talk about it, they just accept me for who I am today. Life is good, and I am happy.
Thanks so much for dropping by to check me out. I appreciate it. If you liked me, please hit the heart in the lower corner, and be sure to subscribe. Thanks again!

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